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Our think tank is a means for people to shape policy and a tomorrow that belongs to them. We generate new ideas through our crowdsourcing mechanism and reach out to those voices that are hardest to hear.

Fact based

Alternative facts are not a thing. There are facts and there are falsehoods. We think that facts should be at the centre of policy making and public debate – we put them at the centre of everything we do.


As part of a global network of crowdsourcing think tanks and, given the global nature of many of today’s key issues, we take an international perspective on the challenges we collectively face.


We are better equipped than we have ever been to find innovative solutions to the problems we share. The future will be better if we create it together.

Nous sommes un think tank participatif.
Contactez nous pour proposer vos idées ou nous rejoindre.

Our engagement

We are a group of young professionals and academics under 35 from all horizons who have come together to create a platform to translate our ambitions, our experience and our ideas into political action. Many citizens have the impression that their voices are not heard. This is why we decided to create Argo, a platform to express ourselves, think and act together. Argo reengages citizens into the political debate about issues that determine the future of our society and proposes solutions to decision makers.

Our Partners

Together with Polis180 and foraus, we are part of a global network of open think tanks

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