What is Argo ?

A group of young professionals, students, and citizens

We are a group of young professionals and academics under 35 from all horizons who have come together to create a platform to translate our ambitions, our experience and our ideas into political action. Many citizens have the impression that their voices are not heard. This is why we decided to create Argo, a platform to express ourselves, think and act together. Argo reengages citizens into the political debate about issues that determine the future of our society and proposes solutions to decision makers.

A crowdsourcing platform

Argo offers a platform for citizens to re-engage with public policy and tries to bridge the gap between politics and the general public by reaching out to those whose voices are hardest to hear.As a member of a global network of think tanks, Argo collaborates across borders in order to find solutions to problems that we collectively face.

A new form of political expression

Offering an alternative form of political expression for the 21st century, Argo pools policy ideas and expertise through a crowdsourcing platform, allowing individuals regardless of age or profession to have a hand in shaping the policies that affect their lives. Through its outreach branch, Argo reaches out to to different social groups, and works to make policy challenges accessible in exchange for experience and inspiration, for stories and ideas. These in turn inform the think tank’s policy outputs, reducing the gap between policy and people.

A global network of open think tanks

Sourcing and delivering innovative policy ideas and revitalising the public debate in this way, the think tank offers a means of democratic expression not beholden to party politics or to the electoral calendar. As part of a global network of crowdsourcing think thanks and as resolute optimists, its founders and members believe that our societies are better equipped than they have ever been to find solutions to the problems we share. The principle is that future can be better than the past if we create it together.